M a r y    S o m e r s e t

last copyholder of  Wandsworth  

great grandson Roland Ridout m. Fanny Umfreville

Auntie Nance always said "Roland was a master at Monmouth, and worked for Thomas Huxley"

Florence (Flum) (seek her book on Majolica china) Jack (see his Majolica china in the V&A) Harry m. Robin Robertson Frank Howard Ridout (b.1886, d.1926, Toronto) went to Canada, 
m. Dora (d.1980?)
Edith went to Canada Jasper
x x Douglas (Univ of London student 1902) Howard Frank Ridout  m. Hilda George Henry (b.20) m.Margery Brooks (d.2003) Ernest 1919-1958 m.Wilma Rose Taylor 1920-1994 Grace m.Wm Clements Mary m._ Eve m.Len Taylor 1 3 sons
x x x Jack (a family historian) Eric(b.45), George, Mark, Ruth, John Gary, Judy, Dennis, Ernestine (b.58) Richard, Christine, Louise Anita Holliday (Florida?) Joycelyn ? ?
x x x ? Eric, Kim(b.80), Allison, Bunny, William, & more cousins ? ? ? ? ? ?

Information on wife and descendants of Frank Ridout provided by 
great-granddaughter Kimberly Ann Ridout, grandson Jack Ridout, and great-granddaughter Banella Ridout.

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